Which programming languages/frameworks have I used before?

The languages I have had the most experience with include Java, Python, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, x86 MASM, C/C++, SQL, and R. As far as Java goes, I have had experience using Spring and Maven/Gradle together for running and developing web-based applications as well as using JavaFX/Gluon to make GUIs. Regarding Python, I have previously used Django to create a dynamic blog, Selenium for web scraping, and NumPy, SciPy, Pandas, TensorFlow, and Keras for machine learning. Last, but not least, when it comes to TypeScript, HTML, CSS, x86 MASM, C/C++, SQL, R, as well as practically any other programming language, I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty working on new projects such as a web server in C, a web application in Angular, or even an animation engine in OpenGL.